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We are blessed to have community support.  Some of our past and present sponsors include Wilson Sporting Goods, Nike and Franklin.

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Barrett Baseball provides this online resource to let you get the most from your experience. Here you can find out about upcoming games and check out the results. You can even meet our coaches and see a gallery of all the non-stop action! 

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​About Us

Barrett Baseball is led by a team of current and former MLB, MiLB and College players who strive to help individuals become better baseball, fastpitch players and all around athletes.  Barrett Baseball will help run your team practice while also providing individual and small group workouts.

We were established upon the belief that every boy and girl in our community deserves to enhance their passion for baseball, softball and life on and off the field with our help. The benefits, improving spiritually, mentally and physically and learning teamwork through sports, are immense. Plus, we all know that it’s about having fun at the same time!   Join us to become the complete player while working on all aspects of your game including your baseball and fastpitch skills, weight training, speed and agility.

2019-2021  TEAMS

Barrett Braves 15u-17u

Matt Castleberry


(678) 758-4291

Barrett Braves 14u

Coach Bob Rech


(678) 642-7866

Barrett Braves 13u

Matt Castleberry


(678) 758-4291

12u Barrett Warriors

Will Foster


(404) 867-3740